Home Insurance FAQs

Your Insurance Documentation

•I am due to receive my insurance documents via my self-service portal but haven't received an email?

We will send your confirmation email within 24hrs of purchase. You can also sign up for your portal by clicking the My account link to the left. Click the register button and fill in the details. You should then get instant access to your documents. Please contact us on 02394 003201 if you need assistance.

• I have forgotten the email address I provided you with!

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 02394 003201 who will be happy to assist.

• I wish to receive my documents in the post. Is this possible?

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 02394 003201 who will be happy to assist. Please note an additional charge may apply.

Types of house insurance and extras

• Why do I need home insurance?

The simple answer is that you don't, but if you have a mortgage it will be a requirement of the mortgage company to have insurance for the buildings. Home insurance will provide you with 'peace of mind' knowing that your buildings and contents are covered against events such as theft, fire and flood. Further information is contained in the policy wording available on line.

• What choices of cover do you offer?

The choices are: Buildings, Contents and Personal Possessions cover (Personal Possessions cover can only be included in your policy if contents has already been selected). Further information is contained in the policy wording available online.

• What does rebuild cost mean?

The full cost of reconstruction of your buildings in the same form, size, style and condition.

• What is a listed building?

A listed building is a protection given by the local authority.

• What is buildings cover?

Your house, including its fixtures and fittings, outbuildings, garages and greenhouses, which are all designed and used for domestic purposes and must form part of the property.

• What value should I insure my contents for?

You should insure your contents for the value it would cost you to replace them as new. The settlement of the claim may be less a deduction for wear and tear of clothing, linen and pedal cycles.


• Does the contents cover include accidental damage?

Yes, a limited amount of accidental damage cover is included as part of the standard contents cover package. If you wish to be covered for full accidental damage, you should extend your cover accordingly. Full details are available in the policy wording.

Excess fees

• What is an excess?

Excess is the amount you pay if you make a claim for loss or damage to your property.

House security

• Do I get a discount if I have extra security fitted to my property?

Yes, if you are a member of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, have approved security locks or a maintained and approved home security system we may be able to offer you further reductions in your premiums.

Payments and charges

I would like to arrange payments by instalments. Is this possible?

Yes. We are able to accept instalments by direct debit from a current account. Instalment payments are subject to interest charges - details are available on request. Please note this would be subject to criteria. We are also able to accept full payment by credit/debit card or by cheque or postal orders.

Is it safe to pay for my policy on the internet?

Yes. Our site uses 128-bit encryption that disguises and protects your personal and payment details and prevents them from being accessed by or disclosed to third parties. For more information on our site security, please click on the Verisign Image.

Immediate cover

What can I do if I cannot get a quote?

There are two things you can do. Either email us and we will do what we can for you at our earliest convenience or you can phone our operators on 02394 003174 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday or from 9am to 2pm on Saturday.

Is immediate cover available?

Yes. Providing you have been offered a quotation and are able to pay at least a deposit by credit or debit. We do not accept American Express cards. We will accept cheques or postal orders as methods of payment; however, these methods will not provide you with immediate cover.


How do I pay for my policy at renewal?

If you paid for last year's policy by credit/debit card or cheque we will send you an invitation to renew. We will need to receive your payment for this year’s renewal before the renewal date to ensure continuous cover. Please call us on 02394 003197 to arrange for payment to be taken from your credit/debit card; alternatively you may send a cheque for the full amount made payable to Insurance Factory Limited.

If you paid by monthly direct debit from your bank account last year we may automatically renew your policy this year on the same bank details and advise you of the new monthly instalments. Written confirmation will be sent outlining our intentions. If you wish to continue your policy you do not need to do anything; we will include a Schedule of Home Insurance within your documentation. However, if you decide not to renew please telephone or write to us. Please cancel your direct debit at the bank.

If you paid last year by monthly payments from your debit card we will send you an invitation to renew, we will not automatically renew your policy. You will need to contact us to either take payment in full or make arrangements for instalments to be collected from your bank account.

For renewals dated after 15th October 2017 you will be able to automatically renew using your self-service portal. Please click the link above to access Your Account.

Will my premium change at renewal?

We'll do our best to keep your renewal premium as low as possible. We do offer a No Claims Discount if you have not made a claim during the policy year with us. This will reduce your premium, but rate increases during the year may mean your premium is still higher than last year.

I've had a claim. How will this affect my renewal premium?

If we already know about the claim before you receive your renewal invitation, your No Claim Discount entitlement will have been amended and your renewal premium revised to take the claim into account.

If you make a claim and you've already received your renewal invitation, we will have to amend your No Claim Discount entitlement and revise your premium.

We will let you know what your new premium is as soon as we are notified about the claim.

How do I make a change to my policy at renewal?

If you want to make a change to your policy you can email us by clicking here or call us on 02394 003197 before your renewal date with details of your change and an operator will be pleased to help you.

Can I protect my no claim discount at renewal?

No. You are unable to protect household No Claim Discount.

What should I do if I don't want to renew my policy?

If you decide you don't want to renew your policy and last year you paid in full by either cheque or credit/debit card you do not need to do anything. If we do not receive your payment by your renewal date the policy will lapse and there will be no further cover in place.

If you decide you don't want to renew your policy, and you have received your new policy documentation from us because last year you paid by monthly direct debit from your bank account, please call us or write to us:


Renewals Department 
The Connect Centre, 
Kingston Crescent, 

Remember to cancel your direct debit instruction to your bank.


How do I cancel my policy?

Your right to cancel the policy during the first 14 days.

You have the legal right to cancel your policy within 14 days of the day that you receive the policy documents. Just telephone us or write to us:

Renewals Department 
The Connect Centre, 
Kingston Crescent, 

asking for the policy to be cancelled. You will be charged for the time you have been on cover plus a fee for the work we have done to arrange the policy.

Your right to cancel the policy after the first 14 days.

Telephone or write to us asking for the policy to be cancelled. If you have been paying by direct debit instalments, remember to cancel your instruction to your bank.

The cancellation charges are shown on our terms of business documents that are issued with New Business and Renewals Documents. Please click here to view our Terms of Business online.

Upon receipt of the documents you will receive a cancellation breakdown that will be sent to you outlining the amount due and to be paid.

Going abroad

If I select ‘personal possessions’ cover why should I still take out travel insurance when I go on holiday?

The protection you have under ‘Cover Away from The Home’, although comprehensive, does not give you the essential cover that Travel Insurance provides, especially when you go abroad. For example, ‘Cover Away from The Home’ does not provide cover for emergency medical expenses, delayed departure or cancellation expenses.

Do I have cover away from my home?

You can protect your possessions away from your home under our Personal Possessions cover. We will cover your possessions for up to 60 consecutive days world-wide.

Great Benefits

  • We compare prices from a panel of leading insurers

  • Up to 70% no claims discount

  • UK based call centre

  • 24-hour claims line

  • Free 30 days cover for driving in the EU*

  • * Subject to underwriting terms and acceptability criteria