7 Bizarre BBQ-related Insurance Claims and Strange Scenarios

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7 Bizarre BBQ-related Insurance Claims and Strange Scenarios

Now that summer’s here (well, it is the start of June) most have us will already have dusted down the BBQ, keen for some open-air burger and kebab action.

But before you start wiping the cobwebs off the tongs and food prepping for that sizzling garden party of yours, take a read through the following list of bizarre BBQ disasters and related insurance claims. If could save you some embarrassment - and you’ll get a laugh at the very least:

Goose grilling

Yes, we can all get a bit carried away with our BBQ skills, having successfully mastered the odd burger or two. But for one Enfield griller culinary ambition came at the expense of common sense. For, instead of burgers one sunny Sunday afternoon, he decided to cook his family an entire goose. The result? A melted barbecue, £1300 of damage and a take-away for dinner that night.

Doggone it!

Although five-year-old Boxer Curtis wasn’t invited along to the Mould family’s BBQ in Princeton, he still managed to eat a er… kebab skewer. Although he was spotted helping himself to a shish kebab on the kitchen table, it wasn’t until a year later that a vet’s Xray showed the wooden skewer had passed through his intestine and they were able to remove it during surgery (all paid for by pet insurance). And, as you can see from the photo below, all’s well that ends well … Image via Vetmed

Kitchen catastrophe

No-one likes it when it rains on holiday. And it’s particularly annoying when you’d already planned on having a BBQ party. So, of course, the next best thing is to have it indoors… or so the guests at a holiday cottage in Devon believed. Yes, you already know what happened next. The owners’ insurance company had to pay out for a completely re-decorated kitchen.

Wedding wails

Sometimes the best day in your life can become the worst. At least we’re sure that’s how Italian bride Paula Catelli felt when her beautiful wedding dress went on fire – while she was wearing it! Paula went too close to the beach barbecue, causing the synthetic material to catch alight. Fortunately, the quick-thinking groom, immediately grabbed his bride and rushed into the sea with her. It all ended happily enough with the insurance company paying 50 per cent of the cost of their outfits in compensation.

Violent visitors

Sure, when you go to a BBQ party you expect to bump into other guests you’ve never before. What you don’t consider though, is for one of them to sink their teeth into your hand within seconds of your encounter. That’s what happened to one male guest in a garden party in Alvechurch when another guest brought along a wild badger he’d just found en-route. One tetanus and TB jab later, peace was restored. Image via Metro.co.uk

Snaking smells

One property owner in Pinellas County, Florida was outraged when his BBQ party was interrupted by an environmental health inspector from the local council. The official warned him to ‘contain his smoke’ after a neighbour said she could see it snaking across the street and on to her property. The council’s website states: "Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odour.”

Wonky wood

A guest at a BBQ party in New York ended up suing the homeowners after he fell through a plywood board and into a sewer it had been covering. The sewer was next to a swing on which he was pushing his daughter. In court the judge blamed the owners for hanging the swing above the sewer hole and rotten plank of wood.

Admittedly some of the above insurance claims and scenarios are pretty unique, but it just goes to show – regardless of how carefully you plan an event such as a BBQ party, you can always expect the unexpected…

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