The Importance of Home Insurance: How to Keep your Home Safe from Burglars

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How to Keep your Home Safe from Burglars

As we make our way from spring to summer and the days become longer and warmer, we tend to spend less of our time indoors and more time outdoors. This makes our homes easy targets for burglars as we often leave with the windows open and unlocked. It’s important to stay safe and prevent your home from being a target for burglars, and here at Masterquote, we have created a helpful list of how you can stay protected this summer season.

Prevention Matters

When you leave your home, lock the door. It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but if distracted by children, talking on the telephone, or even an incident on the street, you can easily forget. It’s also wise to take a look around your property, since, if you leave anything lying around your garden, such as maintenance tools, for example, they can easily be used to pry open a door or window. Always keep your household items and tools locked up securely in a garden shed or garage. By looking out for vulnerabilities such as these and putting yourself in the mindset of a burglar, you can better protect your home.

Home Security

Burglars are lazy and will take advantage of any opportunity if they see one in front of them. If you leave your home windows open, for example, they are likely to enter. Even though you may want the extra airflow in your home, it’s better to err on the side of caution and both close and lock your windows. Same rules apply with a backdoor. Although it may not be visible to passers-by, it’s always a wise idea to do a final check every time you leave your home.

Holidays: When you're away from home

A burglar will always know which homes are occupied and which have been left vacant for holidays. The tell-tale signs are unmown lawns, stacks of mail piled up, and the obvious empty driveway. Speak with your local post office and request a hold mail service. For a small fee, they will keep your mail until you return to your home. You could speak to a neighbour and ask them to keep an eye on things while you are away, and if you are good neighbours, you could even ask them to mow your lawn for you. And finally, do not advertise that you are away on social media. Avoid posting and tagging on Facebook and Instagram until you are home, and ensure that your privacy settings on your social media accounts are set to private to prevent everyone from seeing what you’ve been up to.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t have a home alarm system in place, you can always discourage burglars with something simple such as security signs. The threat of an alarm will usually scare most burglars off, and most will not pursue a home with any evidence of home security. Burglars will always look for signs of life before entering a home as well, and you can find lights that are set to a timer to turn on and off at random. If it appears that you are home, then a burglar will likely second guess his decision to enter. Motion activated flood lights are great for discouraging burglars too as they will go off if anyone gets too close to your property. If you do go for complete peace of mind, then invest in a home security system with professional monitoring. This way, you have access to the police and security services if needed. With a wide range of systems on the market, there will always be something to suit your lifestyle and budget.