DHL Express launches 10 electric vans on London delivery routes

DHL Express has started its switch to electric delivery vehicles with the launch of 10 Renault Master ZE vans in London.

The 100% electric vans have a range of approximately 75 miles and a payload capacity of around 10 cubic metres.

They are fully direct load capable, with parcels stored on shelves in the vehicle to protect them from damage and to increase delivery efficiency.

According to Renault, the Master ZE has the same cargo volume and payload as the Renault Master diesel.

The rollout of the new Renault Master electric vans is the first stage in the courier company’s plan to operate 400 electric vehicles across the UK by 2025.

In the past, range and load issues have limited the viability of electric vehicles for commercial fleets. But that’s now changing, with advances in capability — particularly in battery range and charging technology — making them a practical alternative to traditional fuel vehicles, Tamebay reports.

DHL has set a target to use clean pick-up and delivery solutions, such as electric vehicles and bicycles, for 70% of its first- and last-mile services by 2025.

An electric car charge point sign on the road

By 2050, the company aims to achieve zero emissions related to logistics.

“In our ambition to become the most environmentally-friendly provider on the market we have to balance the needs of customers with protecting and respecting the planet,” commented Richard Crook, director of fleet at DHL Express.

“Recent innovations within battery range and battery technology mean we can now deploy these more sustainable vehicles as part of our fleet and be confident in their ability to meet operational requirements, reducing our reliance on internal combustion engines.

“As electric vehicle innovation continues and the range a vehicle can cover on a single charge grows, we plan to expand the electric fleet outside of city locations.”

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