masterquote Vision insurance FAQs

What is masterquote Vision?

masterquote Vision is a telematics insurance brand designed for safe drivers who expect to have a low annual mileage.

If you take out a masterquote Vision policy you will need to have a VisionTrack telematics device fitted into your vehicle. Unlike other telematics products this product includes a camera. This means if you are involved in an incident our claims team will be able to review your footage which may help to settle your claim. This means peace of mind against people trying to make fraudulent claims against you.

You will be given a driving score based on braking, speeding and acceleration, you will be able to view this score on your own personal driving dashboard. You will also be able to view any speeding events or incidents here and see how much of your mileage you have used.

Will my premium be adjusted on a quarterly basis?

No, we will not amend your premium based on your driving score. We will only adjust your premium if you go over your estimated yearly mileage.

What will my score be used for?

We will only use your driving score if you need to increase your estimated yearly mileage and for your renewal premium.

What happens if I go over my estimated annual mileage?

We will send you an alert when you have used 90% of your annual mileage. We will also try to contact you when you have reached 95% of your annual mileage. If you do not call us before your mileage has been reached we will estimate your new annual mileage for you. We will do this by dividing your original mileage by the days you have been on cover and then multiplying that by 365.

Example: Original estimated mileage 4,000 miles divided by days on cover 180 = 22 miles per day multiplied by 3658,111 new estimated annual mileage.

Could my policy be cancelled based on my driving?

You will be sent driving alerts. There will be 2 types of event, Type A will be for extreme events, your policy will be cancelled if you receive a second type A alert. There will also be Type B alerts these will be used for less extreme speeding events, your policy will be cancelled if you receive 5 of these. These events will be available for you to view on your driving dashboard so you can see when they happened.


Your Insurance documentation

I am due to receive my insurance documents via my document portal but I haven't received an email?

We will send your confirmation email within 24 hrs of purchase. You can also sign up for your portal by clicking the 'My account' link, click the register button and fill in the details. You should then get instant access to your documents. Please contact us on 0333 043 6562 if you need assistance.


I have forgotten the email address I provided you with?

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 0333 043 6562 who will be happy to assist.


Types of car insurance

What type of cover can I buy?

masterquote Vision offers Comprehensive cover. This will include:

  • Accidental damage to the vehicle
  • Windscreen/ Glass damage
  • Personal accident benefits + Medical Expenses
  • Damage to the vehicle by fire
  • Theft of the vehicle
  • Death or injury to another person caused by your vehicle
  • Emergency treatment and/or hospital fees for third parties
  • Third party property damage

Can I use my car for business use?

The following classes of use are available:

Social Only
Covers normal day to day driving.

Social including commuting
Covers day to day and commuting to a permanent place of work.

Business Use Proposers/Spouse
Covers driving to specific locations for work purposes away from the permanent place of work.

Business Use of Proposer and Additional driver
Covers driving to specific locations for work purposes away from the permanent place of work.
Named drivers are only covered on the personal business of the proposer, spouse and business use of the proposer's employer or business partner

Commercial Travelling
Covers constant work driving such as door-to-door sales etc.



I am at the scene of an accident - what do I do?

Regardless of blame it is important that you take the following action:

  • Stop: Stop as soon as possible, in a safe place (if you have a warning triangle, place it well before the obstruction). If anybody has been injured, call the police and ambulance service.
  • Sketch: Make a quick sketch of the direction and final position of each vehicle (it is worth keeping a pen and paper in your vehicle).
  • Note down: You will need to make a note of:
    • The vehicle registration number, name and address of any other drivers involved in
      the accident.
    • The number of passengers in each vehicle.
    • The name and address of anyone who is injured (or suggesting they have been
    • The name and address of any witnesses to the accident.
    • The name, number and constabulary of any police officer who attends the accident.
  • Take a photo: If you are able to do so, try and take photographs to support the positions of
    the vehicles and the extent of damage.
  • Provide: You must give your own details to anyone who has reasonable grounds for
    requesting them.
  • DO NOT: Do not admit responsibility, either verbally or in writing. Instead, ask any other
    person involved in the accident to contact the 24 hour claims helpline

I have received some correspondence relating to the accident - do I answer it myself?

It is a requirement of your policy to notify your insurer of every letter, claim, writ, summons and any
other document that you receive. Please forward any correspondence received immediately to your
insurer (do not answer or acknowledge it) You must also tell your insurer of any impending
prosecution, coroner's inquest or fatal accident inquiry involving any person insured by the policy.

My windscreen has been smashed - how can I arrange for a replacement?

Unlimited cover is provided via the 24 hour Claims Helpline on 0345 293 5330 up to the £500 limit of
A £100 excess applies to all claims for glass/windscreen damage unless the damage is repaired
rather than replaced. Repairs will not be subject to an excess.
If you do not use our approved replacement service cover is limited to an amount of £75 (after the
deduction of any excess that applies) in any one annual period of insurance, without loss of no
claim discount.

My car has been written-off. Why do I have to pay hundreds of pounds more for a
replacement car than my insurance company is offering me at the moment?

The insurance company will offer you an amount that they consider to be the market value for an
average car of that age and mileage. The insurer invariably makes cash settlements. This means as a
customer, you do not have to trade in a vehicle and so are able to negotiate a much lower price for
the purchase.

Who will assist me to recover my uninsured losses?

Subject to the purchase of optional Motor Legal Protection cover, Inter PartnerAssistance will help
you to recover your losses if you were not at fault for the accident. Contact the Claims Line on 0333
321 9971 for advice.


What is an excess?

Excess is the amount you pay if you make a claim for loss or damage of your vehicle. If the accident
is not your fault you may be able to claim a reimbursement from the person at fault. You have a
choice of voluntary or compulsory excess (see below).

What is compulsory excess?

The insurance company may only be prepared to grant cover if you agree to pay the first amount
towards any claim.

What is voluntary excess?

When you take out an insurance policy you may obtain a discount on the premium if you agree to pay towards the cost of any claim for loss or damage to your vehicle

My car has now been repaired and the garage has asked me to pay the policy excess - should I pay them?

Yes, but only if you are satisfied with the quality of the repair. You should always retain a receipt, as this will be required if a claim for uninsured losses is to be pursued.

What is a tracking device?

It allows police to track a stolen vehicle via an electronic signal emitted from a sensor concealed in the car. Some vehicles will only be covered with these devices.

What is a Thatcham security device?

The Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre evaluates the effectiveness of car security products against The British Insurance Industry's Criteria for Vehicle Security. Some vehicles will only be covered if fitted with a Thatcham One Security Device.

I would like to arrange payments by instalments. Is this possible?

Yes. We are able to accept instalments by direct debit from a current account. Instalment payments are subject to interest charges - details are available on request. Please note this would be subject to criteria. We are also able to accept full payment by credit or debit card


Great Benefits

  • Forward facing vehicle CCTV

  • UK based call centre

  • 24-hour claims line

  • Discount at renewal for safe driving

  • Protect your vehicle from false driving allegations

  • Comprehensive cover

  • No quarterly repricing